Gathering the Moon Cream.

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Gathering Moon’s Cream Meditation
People use this particular exercise in conjunction with the Gathering the Sun’s Essence meditation for replenishing depleted energy. The vital essence of moon is called the Cream or “cool light” and is used to nourish the Kidneys and strengthen the Jing, Marrow, and brain, while contributing to longevity. It is practiced only nine days of the month, three days before, during, and after the full moon, which are the brightest nights of the month. It is prohibited during new moon transitions because there is too little vital essence of the moon to gather.

Gathering the Moon Cream meditation must only be practiced on clear nights, when the moon is not obstructed. Avoid practicing this meditation in times of fog, smog, thick clouds, and lunar eclipses, as cultivation during these times will cause the unnatural cultivation of Turbid Qi.

1. Stand outside in the fresh air, while facing the moon. Stand in a relaxed and tranquil state, breath evenly, and rid your mind of any stray thoughts (Figure 11.22)

2. Lower your eyelids until you only faintly see the moonlight. Inhale through the nose and imagine softly “sipping” one mouthful of the moon cream. At the same time, with your eyes half open, visualize “inhaling” the energy of the moon cream with your eyes into your Upper Dantian. Close your eyes and imagine mixing the moon cream with the energy you inhaled through your nose. Slightly hold your breath and concentrate on feeling the moon cream’s silvery energetic essence. Swallow this essence slowly sending it down to the Lower Dantian.

3. Stretch your hands towards the moon (Figure 11.23). Imagine embracing the moon and pulling it out of the sky, placing it just above your Upper Dantian, at your Baihui pint (on top of your head). Hold this image for several minutes (Figure 11.24).

4. Next, imagine a second moon forming out of the first moon, and bring it downward with both hands until level with, and in front of, the Middle Dantian (Shanzhong CV-17 point) at the center of the chest. Hold this image for several minutes (Figure 11.25).

5. Finally, imagine a third moon forming out of the second moon, and bring it down to the level of the Lower Dantian, suspended in front of the lower abdomen. Hold this image for several minutes (Figure 11.26).

6. Continue to imagine all three moons suspended (two in front, and one above yoru body) and inhale, raising both of your arms over your head. Imagine pressing the first moon into your head through the Bahui point, filling the Upper Dantian with the moon cream’s silvery white light. As both hands press the moon into the head, allow the left hand to remain on top of the right hand (opposite for women). As you exhale visualize the light of the moon filling the entire cavity of the Upper Dantian (Figure 11.27).

7. Next, bring both hands to the front of your body. Inhale and press the second moon into your chest through the Middle Dantian, imagining the moon cream’s silvery white light filling the chest. As you exhale, visualize the light of the moon filling the entire cavity of the Middle Dantian (Figure 11.28).

8. Finally, bring both hands in front of yoru lower abdomen. Inhale and press the third moon into your Lower Dantian, imagining the moon’s silvery white light filling the abdomen. As you exhale, visualize the light of the moon filling the entire cavity of the Lower Dantian (Figure 11.29)

9. Allow both hands to rest by your sides then slowly raise your left hand (opposite for women) and tap the top of your Baihui point softly nine times. As you tap, imagine that all three moons fuse into a brilliant white-light energy throughout your Taiji Pole, connecting all three Dantians together (Figure 11.30).

10. Relax and perform Pulling Down The Heavens, letting your body, mind and spirit sink into tranquility.

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